Hair Products/ Sephora Sale Event

Here it is! My top used hair products- most of which you can snag during the Sephora sale right now! When it comes to hair products, the options are endless and extremely overwhelming, so hopefully sharing some of my favorites will be helpful to you [and your hair!] (:

So go on, scroll through and give ’em a click!

Drybar Velvet Hammer *SEPHORA*

While this product can be used on all hair types, it’s especially great for thick and coarse hair as it adds moisture while taming frizz and making styling a little easier! You only need the smallest bit to apply to the bottom half of your hair when it’s damp before blow drying. I love how it keeps my hair hydrated throughout the day.


Drybar The Chaser *SEPHORA*

A fabulous smelling cream that adds shine and smoothes flyaways?! Yes, please! It’s great for all hair types, just be sure to go light on the product if you have fine hair. I apply to styled hair before using hairspray, but you can also apply to damp hair before styling if you want!


Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder *SEPHORA*

This stuff is awesome if you’re looking for a good dry shampoo that is easy to throw in a bag or travel with. It absorbs oil, creates texture and adds volume. It does come as a powder which is a little different to get used to. All you have to do is shake just a little along the hairline and use your fingers to rub in as needed.


GHD Blow Dryer *SEPHORA*

I love this hairdryer and has drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to dry my hair! It’s on the pricier side, but when you have a ton of hair like me, it’s worth it to have a machine that won’t let you down or take you years to style your hair. Highly recommend this one!



This straightener is what you need if you want to be able to straighten and curl your hair with one tool. Even if you usually wear your hair straight, having a tool that you can actually trust and will last you years to come is such a good investment! I have been using this straightener for over 8 years and I still have the same one and it works just like the day I bought it. Hands down the best option, IMO!


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap *SEPHORA*

This product uses an amino acid blend that leaves your hair shiny, vibrant and more manageable. You can apply it to damp or dry hair before you go to bed and let it do it’s magic while you sleep! I usually use this product once weekly and usually apply it to my hair after showering at night or on a night that I know I’ll wash my hair the next morning.


Drybar Triple Sec *SEPHORA*

This is hands down, one of my favorite products of all time. Its a texturizer, a dry shampoo and a volumizer. A few sprays at the roots is all you need to absorb oils and add volume. Whether you haven’t washed your hair in a week or you’ve got that fresh style that needs a little extra volume, it’s seriously a jack of all trades. I recommend getting a travel size of this product, too, to carry around with you at all time. Such a lifesaver!


Heat Protectant-Living Proof and Drybar *SEPHORA*

A heat protectant is so incredibly important, especially when you style your hair often. Exposing your hair to heat can be extremely damaging, which is why I am a stickler for using heat protectant products and really love this as a spray version! It makes it super easy to apply, too!


Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Cream *SEPHORA*

I also really love this heat protectant as a cream version if that better suits you! Also smells amazing!


Drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse *SEPHORA*

Volumizing mousse is a must if you want that high hair, ladies! Especially if your hair has absolutely no natural volume, I love this mousse because it really lifts your roots before you apply heat and styling! I apply after showering and before blowdrying.


Caviar Working Hairspray *SEPHORA*

This is my favorite light hold hairspray that I apply to my hair after styling right before smoothing serum. I mainly apply to midshaft and lower to help keeps my curls fluffy and light- I also just love the smell of this hairspray, too!


Clips + Tease Brush *SEPHORA*

Everyone needs good clips- especially if you have a lot of hair! Regardless, I find that it makes styling my hair soooo much easier when I can section it out. The clips also just make pulling sections up and down less time-consuming. I love these drybar clips and they can handle all my hair [which is a #win]!

And this teasing brush is great for adding extra volume when styling. If you like to tease- using this instead of a normal comb or brush can make all the difference! Definitely, a must have!


Big Sexy Hair Hairspray

The best hairspray in all the land! But really, I absolutely love this hairspray with all my heart. I think it is the perfect combination of hold without leaving that sticky, crunchy residue in your hair. I have been using this one for YEARS and it’s still my go- to! I also always buy travel sized cans of this and keep them stocked in my cabinet for trips!


Paul Mitching Smoothing Serum

My mom was actually the first one to introduce me to this product. She was using it and I noticed how shiny her hair looked. The good news is it’s definitely a little bit more budget-friendly and will last you quite a while! All you need is a dime size pump of product. Rub between your hands and apply throughout entire hair to smooth flyaways and add shine after styling!


Most of these products I have been using for a while now. I say that because I want you to know that I truly love using each and every one of them. I know that they can be pricey so I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t think they made a difference in my hair routine/health. The biggest thing I can recommend to anyone when purchasing these products, or any other hair products for that matter, is to purchase a travel size first (if available) to see how you like it! I do this all the time which is less of a financial commitment, and then if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t feel as bad about it! Everyone’s hair is different and needs something different so some of the products I use and love may not work for you- and that’s ok! I do want to know what products you love, too! Drop them in the comments!




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