Current Makeup Routine

Here it is! My current makeup routine! I’ve listed every product in order of use + why I love it! You can click any picture and it will take you straight to the shoppable web page! Most of these products I’ve used for years and really believe they are worth the price tag. And just FYI- You can also find all of this on my Beauty tab under ‘Makeup’, too! I always keep that updated with products I’m loving and using currently!

Tula Blurring and Moisturizing Primer

This Primer gives a great even base layer for pre-makeup applications. I love that this one has probiotic properties that help moisturize and even out skin tone. I usually wear it most days under my sunscreen! It’s definitely one of my most used products. Plus, I notice it makes a huge difference with all-day makeup wear!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation is the But seriously. It has amazing coverage without that thick, cake-like look that only leads to a shiny, greasy face by the end of the day. I have combination skin (more on the oily side recently), so I can either feel super dry or really oily depending on the products I use and time of year. It feels super light and is very easy to apply + the coverage is INCREDIBLE (especially if you have scarring like I do!). I’ve been using this product for years and still buy it every single time! I will say, if you DON’T want lots of coverage, then this foundation is not for you.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

This under eye concealer has been my go-to for awhile now. I think I’ve had the same tube for over 2 years and still haven’t run out of the product! It’s very easy to apply, blend, and has great coverage! I use the smallest amount per application, so a little goes a long way.

Lorac Contour Palette

I actually just started contouring a couple years ago! I’ve never loved the drastic contour look and honestly felt super intimidated by it. I’ve learned that subtle contouring can really highlight some of the natural features in your face and really take your makeup routine to the next level! This palette is amazing and great for beginners, too! It even comes with a brush and little instruction manual if you don’t quite know where to start.

NARS Bronzing Powder- Color: Laguna

Bronzer is probably my favorite makeup product! It gives your face that natural glow and highlight to areas of the face that can naturally feel lost. This NARS bronzing powder is hands down the best I’ve ever used and I think the color looks good on so many different skin tones. This is hands down one of my top used products!

NARS Blush- Color: Amour

NARS also has a great assortment of blush colors. This color, ‘Amour’ can look intimidating at first, but rest assured it will give you the perfect pop of color and life to your cheekbones!

Becca Highlighter- Color: Champagne Pop

If you have never used a highlighter before, I highly recommend this one! It has the perfect combination of pinky/peach tones that give the prettiest glow. I just apply it right along the top of my cheekbone up to my temple!

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow [to fill in eyebrows]- Color: Blonde

 Filling in your brows can go from gorgeous to scary real fast if you’re not careful. Just remember- sometimes, less is more. Which is why I love using eyeshadow to fill in my brows! It keeps their natural shape while filling in between the hairs so that they pop a tad more. It’s also dummy proof for those of you like me who could never even fathom being able to draw on your eyebrows and actually make them look even! Ha! I just use an angled brow brush to apply.

Benefit ‘Gimme Brow” Brow Gel

This gel gives extra color to your brows. Has a small mascara like wand for application. I always put this on after I apply my eyeshadow to fill in. I also use this brow gel for everyday wear even when I don’t want to fill them in! it just makes them pop!

Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder

This is a MUST have for sure! This product has completely replaced my normal powder that I use. It honestly feels like your putting on an invisible powder because it just blends right into your makeup, but by the end of the day your makeup will still look brand new! Also, this sucker will last you FOREVER, I promise! It is a little pricey, but will last you forever! I apply with a big powder brush all over my face as the last step to my routine to help set everything.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

This little tube holds a big job and doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been using this eyeshadow primer for years and love how long it lasts as well as how well it keeps my eye color looking fresh. When I use this primer, I never have weird creases or clumping of color after a long day. For a little tube, the product will last you quite a while!

Naked Eye Shadow Palette

I cannot get enough of Naked’s eyeshadow palettes, they’re just that good! You also get so many colors in one- it’s really all you need to achieve any different look! If you are trying to decide which one to start with, I recommend the original naked basics palette. Personally, those they have colors that I use the most but I’ve heard raving reviews on all!

NYX lip primer

This lip primer does a fabulous job keeping your lip color looking fab all day. It essentially creates a layer for you lipstick to adhere to just like the face primer does for the foundation. I truly never thought it would make a difference, but have been proven very wrong. I find myself rarely every reapplying my lip color, if not at all!


I am such a huge lipstick person, but honestly, love drugstore lipsticks just as much as the expensive stuff! Below I’ve linked a little of both. These are all colors that I have loved wearing! Revlon is probably my favorite drugstore brand.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This spray is such an easy way to set your makeup. I honestly love using it even after applying the translucent powder. I will say it is easier to travel with and apply than the translucent powder, but love the results of both equally!

Beauty Blender

People rave about beauty blenders and I do love mine, but I personally like applying my foundation with my Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush instead. I do, however, use it to apply and set my under eye concealer. Just be sure to dampen the sponge and then use for best results!

Sigma Brush Set

I received this Sigma brush set a year ago and have never looked back. I waited for SOOO long to take the plunge and buy expensive makeup brushes, and honestly, the choices can be overwhelming. While you do NOT need to break the bank when it comes to purchasing good brushes, I do believe they are an investment and that it’s important to do your research. because at the end of the day, these suckers should last you quite some time with some TLC. If your budget allows, I have been so incredibly happy with this Sigma brush set which comes with all the basics you need!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat

I wrestled with this purchase for awhile, wondering if it would be worth it. The moment I used it I realized it 100% was. You definitely don’t need a special cleaning soap, just use dawn dish soap and slap this in your sink and clean away! You just rinse it off and throw it back in your bathroom cabinet until you need it again! I highly recommend it- especially if you have invested in nicer brushes!

Happy Shopping!



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