Better skin from the couch? Yes, please!

As a younger girl I never had skin issues. I remember watching others in my grade constantly struggle with hiding their acne under layers of make up, while I just struggled with a pimple or two. I didn’t even know what concealer was until College, let alone foundation. I had the occasional pimple, but overall counted my blessings when it came to acne. Unfortunately, that all changed about a year ago when I moved to Dallas. Whatever it was, it hit hard and fast. Within just a couple months, I had consistent breakouts and awful rashes around my jaw line and mouth. I tried everything from changing products to cleaning my phone everyday (thinking maybe that was a contributing factor). Nothing was working. I finally went to a dermatologist myself, only to be told I have adult acne and given an antibiotic (to treat whatever he thought was bacterial) and unfortunately developed an esophageal ulcer from the medication I had no idea I was allergic to. I walked out of my first Dermatology experience scarred from a recovering ulcer and still no change in my skin. That’s when I tried YoDerm.

YoDerm is the fastest way to get a dermatology consultation and treatment right from the comfort of your own home. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable. I mean, what more could you possibly want from a  Dermatologist? Once you sign up with your email and password, you’re only 3 steps away from a customized treatment plan, just for you! The first step is to choose a Dermatologist. YoDerm has several board-certified Dermatologist who’s help is just a click away. Second, you’ll create a medical profile. Answering questions about previous treatments, concerns, and allergies. I even uploaded pictures of my problem areas and rated how aggressive I wanted to be with treatment. After submitting my profile, not even 24 hours later I had received an email from my Dermatologist with plan of care and treatment options, as well as a call form the pharmacy telling me my medications were ready. The best part about YoDerm is there is no subscription or commitment. You pay $59 for the consultation and if you’re not completely satisfied you’ll get your money back, guaranteed. I not only have benefitted from the treatment, as I now have better looking skin than I have all year, but if I ever have concerns, my Dermatologist is only an email away. No more waiting, driving back and forth to appointments, or playing phone tag with your doctor’s office. I got a reply within 24 hours, period. 

There is still scarring that I continue to battle with, and changes to my everyday skin care routine that I still make, but overall, YoDerm has completely changed my view on Dermatology and skin care treatment. With my busy schedule, YoDerm has provided me the best possible solution for me and my skin. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, and while we have a great responsibility to take care of it, sometimes there are still unanswered questions and unexplainable causes for those pesky pimples that never go away. I try my hardest to take care of my skin, but as for the true changes I’ve seen in the past month, I’m giving the credit to YoDerm. What’s holding you back from better skin?



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