Floral Dreams


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A rich floral print with a cute bubble sleeve and stretchy fabric is just what you need to make this the most comfortable dress for any occasion. Florals are that perfect print if you’re hoping to step out of your comfort zone this Spring, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Patterns can be scary, but that doesn’t mean they have to be banned from your wardrobe forever! Trust me when I say, florals are nearly impossible to screw up if you follow these three simple rules.

    1. Choose one.

One article of clothing is all you need to make a statement. Just one top, one pair of shoes, one pair of shoes can go a long way when it comes to patterns. This of it like a table centerpiece. If you have 5 different centerpieces, it makes it hard to know what the focus is. With just one, you can make a statement without leaving people confused. With that said, patterns aren’t always easy, but florals can keep outfits simple and fun! A flirty floral top is perfect to pair with high waisted jeans and some sandals. Maybe try a floral print midi dress with heels that can take you from work to dinner. Wear florals in the form of silk, cotton, even ruffles if you want! Shoes can even be your focal point with your easiest spring outfit. You can keep the pattern small or make a statement with something more vibrant. Pick your poison, but one piece is all you need to satisfy your wardrobe floral needs.

2. Don’t overdo it.

We’ve all seen that that outfit out in public that should really be caged somewhere deep within a cave and never released back into the wild. That outfit with so many styles and patterns that you almost feel physically harassed as it passes you down the street. At the end of the day we all have to stay true to ourselves, but as a general rule when it comes to florals, keep it simple. While florals can take on many forms of clothing, let them speak for themselves rather than crowding them into a room with other patterns fighting for their chance in the spotlight. That gingham trouser or bedazzled satin pair of pumps can have their own night to shine. Thankfully, when it comes to florals, they don’t have to be a grand gesture or a change in your persona. Florals can hold their own and reflect your sense of style. Thinking less is more will keep you in the safe zone when it comes to adding florals to your wardrobe.

3. Get Confident.

A spectacular outfit never came from someone who didn’t believe in an idea. To execute that idea took hard work, challenge, and most importantly, confidence. Maybe pairing a floral top with high waisted linen shorts and wedges is way too adventurous for you. But jeans, a tee, and a floral clutch is right up your alley. People forget that they can be trendy and still be themselves. What works for one person may not work for you. That doesn’t make either wrong, it just means more individuality. Individuality also drives confidence, which builds up our mental and emotional health. When you look good, you feel good, and maybe then you’ll even do good. Connecting floral prints with doing good in the world may feel like a stretch for some of you, but maybe next time you wont underestimate that elegant pattern as it hangs on the rack!

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