Work to Play Staples

From work to play with no outfit change can be a challenge, but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be. When you find yourself staring at two different wardrobes in your closet, as if you lead two different lives, that’s your cue that something’s got to change. If you’re content with your work wardrobe and play wardrobe cohabiting under the same roof, then skip down to the end for outfit details. Otherwise, keep reading for 5 staple pieces that are not only versatile for any occasion, but can take you from 8am appointments in the office to 8pm appointments with the gals at your favorite spot with no effort.



Solids will never go out of style. How do you think that the LBD got it’s reputation? You can always count on it and is undeniably versatile. Well, I could say the same for this little rose colored dress of mine. I’m obsessed with all things rose and blush right now, and it’s the easiest color to pair with essentially anything in your closet. This is just one option, but I’ve also linked another here, here, and here. A solid price point and ever classic style won’t disappoint and you will get more use than you think as the seasons change. Dresses are especially my favorite because they can be just part of an outfit or can stand alone and make just as much of a statement. Work may call for modesty, but that doesn’t mean detail can’t take any dress to play.


While ponchos may tend to be more of a fall and winter staple, they are a very affordable and easy way to add the perfect detail to an outfit. This one is actually a blanket scarf that I used as a poncho with this outfit, which just adds to it’s versatility. I love the idea of having pieces in my closet I can wear several ways. As for the more standard poncho style, they’re the easiest way to make your outfit seem a million times more expensive and classy. Wear them with heels, boots, flats, dresses, jeans or leggings. It doesn’t end there for the poncho possibilities. This one is sold out, but I linked similar ones here and here.



You will rarely ever see me carrying something smaller than a tote unless I’m just out to dinner or doing a lot of walking- HA! This girl has too many things to be carrying around, so a big bag is a must. A good leather tote will last you years, and if you can score one in a neutral color, you’ll get plenty of wear for what you pay. I don’t splurge on much, but a good tote is where I’m willing to step outside my comfort zone. Again, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but most of the time you what you pay for. I tend to spend less on trendy clutches and more on staple totes that can handle all my “stuff”. This particular tote is out of stock but I linked a similar one here, here, and here.



Earrings are, without a doubt, my favorite accessory. I think there is something so flattering about them on everyone, no matter your style, and not to mention the easiest way to take your outfit up a notch. Whether it’s a classic pair like these, which are worth the splurge-btw, or a cheaper option like these or these; wear them to work or put them in your tote to throw on before you head out to play. Thankfully, jewelry has a incredible way of giving the illusion your outfit is dressier than it is, so you won’t need to leave your ears naked.



I’ve saved the best for last. A good pair of boots can go a long way, especially if you can find a pair that are not only work appropriate, but ones you love! This was my favorite pair I bought this season. So much so that I bought a black leather pair and this gray suede pair! They are pull on boots, but not hard to take on and off. They are also so flattering with the knee high detail and very comfortable with the flat heel. Especially for a tall girl like me, when I find a pair of boots I love, I snag ’em. Boots with a heel can also be a great alternative to being stuck in pumps all day, while still dressing up your look. Finding the right pair can last you years. These are a great staple, but I also love these and these for any work to play look!



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