Jewelry Any Season, Any Style





Sweater (here, here, here and here) | Tank | Hat | Bracelet

If you know me at all, I’m always on the hunt for pieces that scream versatility. If I can’t wear it with at least 25% of my closet, it ain’t worth my money. Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect selection of classic, versatile jewelry that will carry you through any season, any style. The only question you’ll be asking yourself is, “To layer, or not to layer?” I love having the option to wear pieces alone or together, giving a different look to my outfit every time.

Be sure to head to their Instagram {@lovepoppyjewels} and comment #DoseOfEmily10 on any picture posted over the next week (10/21-10/28) to receive 10% off that item!




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  1. Could you share your top and tan sweater details in your first photo? Thank you!! Love it and the jewelry, too! 💗

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