Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Hair

We all want our hair to look it’s best. We spend hours, days, even years (and lots of $$$) trying to get the hair we’ve always wanted– and for what? ZERO results?!

I’ve got 3 secrets that will cost you $0 (and maybe even save you some $$!) + 3 products, that together, will change your hair game.

Secret #1

Less Color. I know I know- but EMILY my highlights are everything. That’s totally fine! I have my “can’t live without” beauty treatments, too. If this is one of them, keep on keepin’ on, but we all know that chemicals that come from coloring damage your hair. It’s just fact. The more you do it, the more you’ll have to work to keep those locks long and healthy! I haven’t colored my hair since High School and have never looked back, friends. It’s WORTH IT. read more