Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The NSale. It’s like Christmas morning but a whole lot better. It’s the most anticipated sale of the year, but let’s be real- it can be overwhelming and not everyone has the time to go through the thousands of great deals that Nordstrom has to offer! The good news is so many of us bloggers have done the hard work for you, BUT strategy is still key. The sale starts July 12 and runs through August 8. Cardholders get to shop first, and depending on what tier you are, your shopping dates are highlighted below. (You can log into your Nordstrom account to find out this info!) Don’t want another credit card? No problem! The sale opens up to EVERYONE on the 28th of July. [FYI- Nordstrom use to have a debit card option that no longer exists, so if a credit card just isn’t for you, don’t sweat it, you’ll get to shop on the 28th!]

If you are not a cardholder but are interested in signing up, click here. [It’s not too late!] If you do, you’ll automatically receive $60 in Nordstrom notes to spend on the sale. Throughout the year you will receive three points for every dollar spent! Those points not only get you Nordstrom notes throughout the year but also help you climb the ladder to high cardholder levels, which get you more perks!

If a credit card just isn’t right for you, that’s no problem at all! You can still sign up to be a Nordstrom Rewards member. This will earn you one point per dollar spent when paying with cash, check or a non-Nordstrom credit or debit card. To be a rewards member, sign up here. 

TIP: If you have a double points day saved up, I recommend using it when you shop the Nsale!

Tip: If you’re not ready to spend your Nordstrom Note yet, but it expires before the sale, a salesperson can put the amount on a Nordstrom gift card for you to use at a later time!


IMO, the sale is best approached with strategy. Asking yourself some key questions before entering into the most anticipated sale of the year will not only keep you on track but will also guarantee you scoring the items you want most into your shopping bag and to your front door.

  1. What is your closet craving? If you’re anything like me, I keep a running list of things I desire to have in my closet. Whether it’s a new crossbody or a pair of jeans, it’s best to go in with a plan of what you anticipate purchasing. Otherwise, you’ll get in trouble when you start browsing and lose sight of the end goal. Most of the time this includes jeans, boots, handbags and beauty items that I can’t imagine paying full price for. Heading straight for the basics will up your chances of actually snagging what you want AND what you’ll use for seasons to come!
  2. What are you willing to splurge on? You’re probably thinking, “Splurge? But it’s the Nsale! Aren’t we avoiding splurging at all costs, Em?” My answer: Yes and no. the Nsale brings you amazing deals for thousands of items, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pay next to nothing.  Even though that hairdryer or pair of Tory Burch boots are ‘on sale’, you may still blow your budget depending on the price. Double-check that even the sale price is still worth the purchase and your budget.
  3. Which brings me to my final point. What is your budget? Possibly the most important question you’ll ask yourself before getting lost in Nsale wonderland. My recommendation? Sit down and budget how much you have/can spend on the sale before ever tempting yourself. Once you click on that Nsale link, there’s nothing stopping you from adding endless amounts of items into your shopping bag. Before you know it, you’re $2,000 deep without $2,000 to spend. OOPS. Going into the sale with a budget already created will keep you on task and guide you through the two previous questions. This way, you’ll leave the sale with items you really want AND a healthy conscious knowing you didn’t break the bank.


There weren’t too many home items that I found worth purchasing versus year in the past. The GreenPan Nonstick Pans have been on our wishlist for awhile, so I was super pumped to see they were in the sale. This Dyson is nearly $100 off and you can’t go wrong with a barefoot dreams blanket. They’re pretty pricey, so if you’ve had your eye one one, now is the time. The Hydroflask is one I’ve owned for years and it always keeps my drink cold. I also love that is comes with the straw top.

The Moonlight Pajamas are my absolutely favorite. I get a pair every year during the sale and never regret it. The reviews on them are amazing, too – for good reason. I really want to snag the strapless bra this year. I’m in the market and this one has great reviews as well. The barefoot dreams robe is absolutely amazing. Again, a bit of a splurge, but you’ll own it for years to come.

NSale always comes through with the beauty deals every year. A lot of what I have purchased in the past is on sale again. My curling iron and straightener are my #1 recommendation for the sale. They are incredible products that I have owned for year-end LOVE. GHD has the best hair tools around and their technology is so good. They also have a great little Tula bundle with some of my top fave products. The Kopari deodorant is the best natural deodorant I’ve been able to find and love stocking up during the sale. You all know Moroccan Oil hair oil is my ride or die. Such a good product for hair health.

So many good shoe deals during the sale this year. They always have a great bootie selection, but this year really came through with the sneakers, too! The deals on their shoes are the best all year, and styles I’ve bought in the past I still wear all the time.

I was actually super impressed with the jean selection this year! Lots of great styles for a fraction of the price. jeans are always a great buy during the sale because you’ll wear them all year! Spanx faux leather leggings are a MUST BUY if you don’t have a pair. I wear them nonstop all season long!

I hope this helps and happy shopping!

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