Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

It’s that time of year again! Ya know, when Nordy’s has a big sale and you just wanna buy everything but realize that would mean not eating food for a month…(cue eye roll) I know the feeling. I do also believe that half the battle is digging and searching through pages and pages of sale items that can be super overwhelming, and honestly took me hours yesterday. Ain’t nobody got time for that… BUT, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing, and normally, all the good stuff sells out super fast. With that said, there could be a few things posted here that have already sold out- just FYI! Hopefully my easy to shop post will save you a few minutes from your day, in which you can use doing something else you love rather than drowning in a sea of Nordstrom goodies! I have listed everything I added to my cart and then at the very bottom I listed the items I actually chose to buy..since, ya know… a girls gotta eat 😉 [Disclaimer, there are just a couple of items that are not part of the sale, but loved them that much that I just had to include them!] Well, what are you waiting for?! Happy Shopping!





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