The Nsale

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The NSale. It’s like Christmas morning but a whole lot better. It’s the most anticipated sale of the year, but let’s be real- it can be overwhelming and not everyone has the time to go through the thousands of great deals. The good news is so many of us bloggers have done the hard work for you, BUT strategy is still key. You have through the 20th to shop early access, which is available for all card holders. Don’t want another credit card? No problem. Nordstrom even has a debit card option that can be linked to your bank account, ensuring responsible spending even during the sale! Otherwise, the sale opens up to everyone on the 21st and ends the 6th of August.

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The sale is best approached with strategy. Asking yourself some key questions before entering into the most anticipated sale of the year will not only keep you on track but will also guarantee getting the items you want most into your shopping bag.

  1. What is your closet craving? If you’re anything like me, I keep a running list of things I desire to have in my closet. Whether it’s a new crossbody or a pair of jeans, it’s best to go in with a plan of what you anticipate purchasing. Otherwise, you’ll get in trouble when you start browsing and lose sight of the end goal.
  2. What are you willing to splurge on? You’re probably thinking, “Splurge? But it’s the Nsale! Aren’t we avoiding splurging at all costs?” Yes and no. the Nsale brings your amazing deals for thousands of items, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pay next to nothing.  Even though that hair dryer or pair of Tory Burch boots goes on sale, you may still blow your budget. Double check that even the sale price is still worth the purchase.
  3. What is your budget? Possibly the most important question yet. Sit down and budget how much you have/can spend on the sale before ever tempting yourself. Once you click on that Nsale link, there’s nothing stopping you from adding endless amounts of items into your shopping bag. Before you know it, you’re at $2,000 without $2,000 to spend. OOPS. Going into the sale with a budget already created will keep you on task and guide you through the two previous questions. This way, you’ll leave the sale with items you really want AND didn’t break the bank.

I hope this helps and happy shopping! Below are a few of my fave finds that I will be updating over the course of the sale!e!



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