When you hear the time and devotion that Laura has put into the women of Kathmandu Valley and the bracelets they create, you’ll understand just how special these accessories are. These pieces come from a place of passion and hope. Hope that there can be something better for the women that Laura serve. Over nine years ago, LILY and LAURA® bracelets began. Laura decided to devote her time helping innovate the bracelets crocheted by the women in Nepal, with plans to pay them more than fair trade wages and improving their quality of life. There is no doubt that each bracelet is unique and handcrafted with beautiful, top quality glass beads, but being able to change the life of someone who has so passionately dedicated their time to creating something beautiful is a win for everyone!

I was first introduced to LILY and LAURA® when I started taking Pure Barre 4 years ago. I stood in the studio and say the rows of colorful beaded bracelets, admiring how no bracelet was the same. I remember so many people wearing and talking about the bracelets and the meaning behind them. Going on to work for Pure Barre, a retailer that was committed to make a difference, was something I loved. Wearing the bracelets reminds me everyday that there are people out there working to create a greater purpose in their life and that by supporting them, I’m doing the same. The best part about these bracelets? Their color and style combinations are endless. Just check out their website! You’ll see that they have easy links for you to find exactly what your looking for. From working out (YES, I said WORKING OUT) to accessorizing for a night out, LILY and LAURA® is something I always have on my wrist. It never fails that I always get compliments on my stacks, which continues to give me the opportunity to share the story of LILY and LAURA® to so many others.

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